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Cascades Classic

My daughter-in-law Stefanie Sydlik recently competed in the Cascades Classic, a UCI stage race held in and around Bend, Oregon featuring some of the best riders and teams in the US and Canada (including two headed for Rio and a third who thinks she ought to be). Though Stef is not a club member, I thought her recent blog post about the race and her fortunes and misfortunes as a competitor might be of interest to at least a few, so--for those few--here's a link to her ride report.

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Very cool. Fun reading!! She is a tough competitor for sure. Great breakthrough for her.

I raced the Tour of Syracuse a few weeks ago and Stephanie was there. However I never tracked her down. We were racing the same roads in separate fields.

We also share the same coach, Chuck Kyle. Small world.

Thanks for sharing!

We could also share the same course with Stefanie if we travel to Pittsburgh for the Dirty Dozen this year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Just saying.

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Dirty Dozen is on my radar for sure. Have family there. Let's do it!