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Wingbiter Mount Greylock ride weekend of August 25-26

I've given up on riding with Hajo Thiele in the Berkshires this summer. If anyone is interested in riding from Lanesborough, MA up Mount Greylock, my plan is to do it the weekend of August 25-26, and to stay in Lanesborough the night before to make an early start the next morning. Not certain if we should stay Friday night and ride Saturday or Saturday night and ride Sunday, so I'll appreciate your votes. I've charted a route. We'll start from the Target parking lot in the Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough (655 Cheshire Rd, Lanesborough, MA). If there's interest from faster riders, I'm not averse to breaking into A and B rides.

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Hmm. I've wanted to climb this for some time. BTW, ignore the grades of 15-18% near the top, unless you plan on taking your road bike down the AT. wink May drive up in the morning and meet you at the north end of the mountain to climb it with you and then descend back down to my car.

Climbing from the south side and descending down the north side would give some nice tight switchback experience... Here is a popular route that I found on Ride with GPS Ride with GPS Link

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This ride will take place at 9 am on Saturday August 25, beginning from the parking lot of the Target store in the Berkshire mall (655 Cheshire Rd, Lanesborough, MA).

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Walt and Bets are in for the N. Side climb/route. (Unfinished business from April).

What are the route options? I thought there was a 60 mile loop?

There is a 60 mile loop in Greg's post. This is the ride we are planning on doing.

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Here's the route Greg is using. Are you going? Betsy

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Yes - I think I'd like to do the more challenging route. How long do you think it will take?

I'm estimating 4.5-5 hours. Greg

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greg, I don't recall that you ever tried riding with me in the Berkshires.