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Wed 7/15 RP ride

FYI - I will not be able to lead the RP ride this week. Any volunteers?

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I will be there for the IP ride. Would I would like to head down 219 to 44 on the way back to avoid the crappy sections of 179. Any comments???


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Sounds good to me.


I will be there as long as the weather holds out. Ron I don't have any issue with returning down 219 to 44

I'll try to be there and applaud the idea of avoiding 179.

I'm out tonight have fun everyone

Good workout ride....219 return route waaaaaaayyyyyy better / more fun!

(sorry for bailing on you prior to 44 but my legs made my arms turn left at the short cut for an easier spin home)

We will need to alter the route for next week. W. River Rd is being oiled. Hopefully we can still use the Peoples side.