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Wed 5/20 RP and IP

I see no reason to mess with a good thing. The route will continue this week as the two previous. 6PM roll out from the Canton commuter lot.

44W to BlackBridge Road (by the elementary school) than up 219 and around the upper res. The return from E. Hartland will be 179 the whole way. RP will pause and regroup at the Saville Dam, the junction of 181 and 20, and in E. Hartland at the traditional res loop stop where 20 and 179 meet. IP may regroup more frequently, generally at the top of each climb but that will be up the ride leader(s) and be made clear before the roll out.

Sounds good Pat. See you there.

I'm out this week. Have fun!

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I am planning on being there, but I also have to pick up my wife at Bradley and drop her off at home on the way to the ride. Hopefully I will be there before 6.


Ron, thanks for towing me down 179 last night. I have been the slowest rider down 179 for almost 2 months now. It would be a shame to break that streak.