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Wed 4/15 Res Loop

68 degrees and sunny? That's too nice for a res loop ;)

I am planning on 5:30 departure from the Dunkin parking lot in NH. Shooting for a 5:45 dam departure.

The calendar lists the start time as 5:45 but if memory serves we have traditionally had 5:30 and 5:45 starts from the Dam. Discuss.....

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Week #1 I rode into the parking lot and understood some smart folks had trickled out early, leaving me to leave with the group that did not trickle out, which prompted me to trickle off the back yet again. (OK, it was more than a trickle). So, it would be in my benefit if those that trickled out last time set a time, as you said, 5:30, and we'll trickle out together. The others can leave at 5:45. (I'm trying real hard not to say "A' group and "B" group).

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Having A group that departs at 5:30 sounds like it might B a good idea ;)

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not likely to be able to make 5:30 but plan on being there tomorrow to enjoy the warm weather (I hear there will be a tail wind)

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I wonder if Chris's heart rate has gone back down after almost getting taken out by a driver who completely mis-judged us vs his turn. There were three of us returning from res loop, Chris in front, me in back. We were single file and safely to the side. A car came slowly from behind and I noticed how wide they were and thought to myself, how curtious (sp?). Then the driver who wasn't passed us yet put on his blinker and turned in front of us into his driveway. I started yelling to the guys in front of me and we all had to skid our wheels to avoid a collision. Chris probably couldn't see it coming and had the closest call of all of careful, you never know what people will do.

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HR is just about back to normal. Winter bike is lighter by a few ounces of brake and tire rubber. I was fortunate that Jeff and Dave were as as alert and quick as they were, because there was nowhere to go.

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Glad you are OK Chris. Was this up on 179 after the regroup?

I think the only thing we can be sure of is that motorists just don't see us. Ride defensively with blinkies front and back folks (day and night). I may even go "Don Myers" with my helmet :) Stay safe out there.

Hi all... Was planing on the 5:45 start but as I was finishing up getting ready everyone in the parking lot (at least 12 people) left at 5:30. I chased and caught on but was wondering if there was a 5:45 start?

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I left NH center a little later than I'd planned and was at the dam at 5:48. Looked like everyone was on the road. Met my teammate Paulie on hill #3 and after that Dan and Jeff by the final climb. Wyatt was dutifully waiting at the top. Met a few more people on the way back down but I would have say that the 5:45 start wasn't very populated this week.