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Tuesday August 13 B Ride

It seems that the threats of storms has diminished, but I will keep and eye on that throughout the day, and will post any update by 4:30PM.

As the daylight continues to shorten, we'll head for bit less climbing as we head towards Granby and East Granby before coming back to Simsbury. We'll roll along familiar roads like Holcomb, Simsbury Rd. and Day St. to head onto East St. to Quarry and Copper Hill. Eventually heading back on Newgate to pass the Simsbury airport and meander back on Hoskin to Laurel Lane and Hopbrook.

As always, lights are recommended...even ones that broadcast and can light your way.

Stay tuned for updates...and use Slack if you have it.

29 miles 1600' climbing Simsbury Rd/Day/East St/Quarry/Copper Hill/Newgate