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Tuesday 7/14 CP Ride - Duncaster Road

Here's this weeks route, a 35mi 1700ft climb. All sorts of new stuff on this ride, pretty easy going on the climbing this week. We do come over RT-185 mountain so single-file there, but it's not bad as you think at 7:45pm.


Cue Sheet:

  • Out via Hedgehog, left on Saddle Ridge, right on Lenora, left on Old Farms, right on Holcomb to end, turns to Canton Rd (Regroup)
  • Left on RT 10/202 Single File ONLY!, right and quick left onto Hungary Rd, right on Copper Hill (labeled Griffin Rd for a portion) (Regroup)
  • Right on Phelps rd to RT-168, Right for about 1 mo and then right on S Stone St which is RT-187, exit onto Tarriffville rd (Regroup)
  • Right on Tarriffville rd, vere left on Hoskinks rd, Left on Adams Rd, Right on Duncaster rd to end at RT-185 (Regroup)
  • Right onto RT-185 to go over the Mountain, stay single file all the way to RT-10
  • Right on RT-10, quick left on Stratton Brook and take that back to the Start.

Additional Ride Details:

  • Location: Farms Village Plaza (Shops Across from Tulmeadow Farms & Post Office)
  • Address: 244 Farms Village Rd, West Simsbury, CT 06092
  • Parking: In the REAR lot behind the builds
  • Start time: 6:00pm sharp
  • Distance: 18-40 miles (varies by month and amount of daylight)
  • Ride Leaders: Christian, Steve Savino, John Lockwood

PACE: This is a "Club Pace" ride (generally averaging 15-17 mph) - Route varies weekly, exploring areas west, north, and east of Simsbury. Rides generally alternate between hilly & flat. Regroups always occur at key points, certainly at the tops of climbs. This Ride's is considered "Progressive" where each week the speed and climb increase as riders improve and we chase maximum daylight, however; always staying within the advertised club pace and regrouping.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2015, The group may split based on number of riders. Helmets are required, an emergency headlight is recommended as we chase the daylight. Headphones/ear buds are not allowed. Non-members must sign waiver in order to ride, Minors require adult signature.

C'mon, Todd, quit whining and bring your cyclocross bike and first aid kit.

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But google says it connects!

Weather looking lousy... most likely I will ride anyway unless there's lighning.

Route & Cue fixed

I'll try to drive through there today and let you know. That's a pretty congested section and would be great to have an alternative.

Penwood is a dead end and Gale is no outlet. Too bad. That would have been a great way to avoid the narrow shoulder the other way.

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I used to commute on bike this way a bunch and would always go up Gun Mill and hook onto the road in Penwood park which then comes out at the top of 185. It may not look like it connects - and in a car it does not - but on a bike it will. I would not recommend on a group ride, but if you're on your own, then it's a good option if you don't mind that the road in the park is always is crappy shape.

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Hey Guys! I'm new to EBCC and looking to join the ride today. Are we still on to meet at 6. Radar is predicting rain for what would be the end of our ride.

Ride is on, see you at start!

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> But google says it connects!

Let me tell you about all the "roads" I have found on Google maps that turned into hour-long "hike-a-bikes" that featured man-eating green-headed horseflies (which were a nice distraction from the thigh-deep stream crossings).

Wow, six hyphens in one sentence!