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Tuesday 6/9 CP Club Ride - On the Case of the Lost Acres

Here's this weeks route, a 38mi 2650ft climb. We'll do Lost Acres and then they just opened Cast St. after a complete rip up and repave so we'll have that as our final descent with RT-309 back to the start. Sunset is at 8:30pm, plan for a longer ride today. So far the weather doesn't look too good, I'll make a call by 4:30pm day of the ride. FYI - Next week will be a hilly ride to prepare us for the Annual Hillfest on 6/24. Don't worry, the 6/23 ride will be flat and easy.


Cue Sheet:

  • Out via Hedgehog, left on Saddle Ridge, right on Lenora, left on Old Farms, right on Holcomb to end, turns to Canton Rd (Regroup)
  • Left on RT 10/202 Single File ONLY!, right and quick left onto Hungary Rd, turns to Quarry rd, hits Notch rd (Regroup)
  • Cross RT 10/202 onto East st. take to the 4-way stop and make a right on RT-189, left onto Lost Acres rd to the end (Regroup)
  • Left on Granville rd into East Hartland, take RT-20 south, but not far down make a right on Pederson, right on Dalene, right on Hayes to top (Regroup)
  • Left on RT-179 to RT-219 and make left, right onto South rd till ends at Cast st (Full REGROUP)
  • Right on Case St and enjoy the descent, left onto RT-179/Cherrybrook, left on 309 and take it back to the start, NOTE: watch the sharp turn!

Additional Ride Details:

  • Location: Farms Village Plaza (Shops Across from Tulmeadow Farms & Post Office)
  • Address: 244 Farms Village Rd, West Simsbury, CT 06092
  • Parking: In the REAR lot behind the builds
  • Start time: 6:00pm sharp
  • Distance: 18-40 miles (varies by month and amount of daylight)
  • Ride Leaders: Christian Torrillo, Steve Savino, John Lockwood

PACE: This is a "Club Pace" ride (generally averaging 15-17 mph) - Route varies weekly, exploring areas west, north, and east of Simsbury. Rides generally alternate between hilly & flat. Regroups always occur at key points, certainly at the tops of climbs. This Ride's is considered "Progressive" where each week the speed and climb increase as riders improve and we chase maximum daylight, however; always staying within the advertised club pace and regrouping.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2015, The group may split based on number of riders. Helmets are required, an emergency headlight is recommended as we chase the daylight. Headphones/ear buds are not allowed. Non-members must sign waiver in order to ride, Minors require adult signature.

All, I made a change up to avoid Granby center, if you previously download the cue sheet or navigation file, download it again so you have the latest. Weather still looking slightly worse than a 50/50... I'll make the call tomorrow.

ITS ON!!! Based on my consultation with the tarot cards, we have assurances from the second life that we won't get rained on! Any little pockets will be gone by 5:45pm before we start. There's a big one that just passed over Canton right now and it should be long gone by 5pm, and that gives time for the roads to dry. See you tonight!

BTW - The sushi place at the shops was excellent and a great price.

Great... See you all at 6pm Red Mike

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Woohooo almost like do(ugh)nut day. 2nd Tuesday ride for me

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> Woohooo almost like do(ugh)nut day. 2nd Tuesday ride for me


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I see the route goes down Case, last I knew they were still paving it, but I could be wrong.