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Thursday 8/12 Dumpster Ride - 6:00 PM, Relocated to Barkhamsted Elementary School

Due to the tragic fire that destroyed the historic New Hartford House, we're re-locating this week's dumpster ride to the Barkhamsted Elementary School, 65 Ripley Hill Road (Rte 318), Barkhamsted.

We'll take West River Rd north to Riverton, then head west to the top of Sandy Brook. We'll do a CCW loop on Bunnell and Rockwell before carefully descending back to Riverton via Sandy Brook. We'll make the return trip to the school from Riverton on East River Rd. Interested parties can do an extra credit East River / West River lap through Riverton.

No grilling this week ... the flame quota has already been met. fire cry

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Very sad about the New Hartford House.

I am out this week, ride safely.