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The Night Rides Cometh!

As we continue to lose daylight, most of the weeknight group rides will be ending in the next week or two. However, we will begin our off-road night rides in late September. These are a great way to extend your riding season if you have a ‘cross or mountain bike.


The Tuesday night rides from Simsbury will begin on September 23rd. The rides start at 6:30 pm from the commuter parking lot on Iron Horse Blvd and Wilcox Street (behind the Bank of America drive-up ATM). Rides will be approximately two hours and will be on a mix of rail trail, quiet paved roads, dirt roads and single-track trails. You will need a cyclocross or mountain bike, head lights, and tail lights. Routes tend to be on the flatter side with the occasional short hill. Pace is steady, but definitely “winter pace.” Nobody gets dropped (we have not lost anyone in the woods for nearly 5 years!). Expect some new trails and routes this year. Even though we get a fair number of mountain bikes on this ride, all the routes will be cyclocross friendly. If you desire drinks or dinner after the ride, several pubs and restaurants are within walking distance (McLaddin’s, Red Stone Pub, Plan B, Maple Tree, etc.).


The Thursday rides probably won’t be a weekly occurrence this year. Check the Group Rides Forum each week to see if there will be a ride, and from where it will start. We do plan to do some of the traditional “Waynebiter” rides from The Crown & Hammer in Collinsville, as well as some from Pizzaria Marzano in Torrington. Routes will be dirt roads and quiet paved roads and winter pace will be strictly enforced. You will need a cyclocross or mountain bike, head lights and tail lights. Most routes will be fairly hilly. Food and drinks afterward.

Both rides will continue until there is snow or ice on the roads.

Watch the Rides Calendar and the Group Rides Forum for the latest information. Now is a good time to dig out your lights and run them through a charge-discharge-charge cycle to make sure they are working properly.