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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Anyone doing the shop ride this Sunday? There's a rumor that the freezing drizzle will stop for the first time in three months.

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I will be there. I will post a route latter today.

Yes. I will be there too. Going to be a great day.

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I vote we stop at the Colebrook Store so we can fill up the skinny guys with muffins and cookies.

here is the route skinny guys get cookies and muffins ride. it also gives those who want the extra elevation can take steel road on the return to the shop. see everyone at 8:45 for a 9 o'clock start.

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Sounds good, I'll see y'all at 8:45. No cookie or muffin for me at the Colebrook Store. I have my heart set on a chocolate chip scone. (it's kinda a mixture of both)

Good route. See y'all at 9

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If I time this correctly, I plan on meeting up with the group in New Hartford. Walt

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Great ride, great weather and great turnout.

Brett - how was that eclair going up Steele?

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That eclair was the best eclair I have ever had. No effect on my climb up steel. I can eat anything on a bike ride.

Thanks to all you guys for picking me up all day. It was great meeting you all and I look forward to being fast enough to ride with you again soon.