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RFTCC-Wingbiter Friday 7/24

6 pm--on the dot!--from New Hartford center. This is going to be a long one, and we'll need all the daylight we can get. Here's the bike route, to be followed by a run of 1-6 miles (your choice!). Runners bring headlights. While those doing a brick workout are running, the rest can follow Roy as he leads the group on a meandering route only he knows for another hour. Kind of like last week!

As Official Route Modificator I would like to state that if ever there was a route that called out for modification, this is it! BTW, the route map brought my attention to Greenwoods Rd -- if not now, when?

This is a carefully crafted route. It climbs particularly steep ascents where there is no outlet, and where regrouping must occur. (Otherwise, faster riders will descend at breakneck speed into riders who are still climbing in the opposite direction.) The only modification I agreed to was to take a right at the top of Hoppen Rd. onto Town Hill Rd., to reach Beeney Rd. via Pussy La. Modificate all you want once I've laced up my running shoes.


I injured my hamstrings doing the Litchfield Hills Tri last weekend. I thought I'd be okay to ride today, but it hurts to climb. I'm afraid that if I don't lead tonight's route, it's going to blow up the way it did last week, especially because it's so damned convoluted. Here are my proposed solutions:

1) Someone else learns the route and leads the ride and doesn't permit any deviations from the route, while I ride a flat course.

2) We all ride a flat course (like a couple of Riverton loops; I want to be able to bail if it hurts).

3) I ride a flat course and the rest of the group rides an easy-to-follow but hilly route, like a Reservoir Loop or something not-so-hilly, like Sandybrook.

I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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Bummer. I was so looking forward to the Cols du New Hartford route. How about a trip up Sandy Brook and back? That allows you or anyone else to bail at any point.

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Thanks, Doug, I like your idea.

I'm out tonight - some kind of wedding thing Enjoy the ride