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RFTCC-Wingbiter Friday 5/22

Take a look at these roads and let me know if there is any reason we CANNOT POSSIBLY ride this route: Brett's Fave

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Beckley Road is dirt. Awesome road, though.

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2+ miles of dirt road? Hmmm. After last night's deluge of rain? What happened to the idea of meeting in Norfolk and riding the roads around there?

So the answer to the question is: there is NO reason we can't ride this route on Friday night!

An informal poll of last week's Wingbiters led me to the conclusion that I should delay the Norfolk ride until later in June, when we have more daylight, since it will probably take a bit longer for everyone to get to Norfolk for the ride start.

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I made it an official rule last year no old north and deer hill in the same ride so therefor we can not possibly do this ride.

and a second thought dirt has a bad mojo with the wingbiters. Doug broke ribs, Ned fell off his bike countless times and I think I saw a pot hole on the map with your name on it

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Don't want to be a rebel without a route, but I would prefer not to ride two miles on a Dirt road. Is there away to modify? Red Mike

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Of far greater significance than Doug and Ned's minor annoyances, one of these crappy dirt routes last year cost me $100 in two gashed tires!

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We could take Hannafin to 44 then Rugg Brook/Platt Hill, similar to what we attempted last week. We'd then follow the planned route down Burr Mt, etc. This is still hilly but roads are paved (with abundant potholes on North Road #2, Hannafin, Laurel, Platt Hill and West Hill).

Yeah, what Doug said.

Sounds faaaabuuulous. See ya then