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RFTCC-Wingbiter Friday 3/6 at 6:15 pm

Since it looks as though we'll have some new snow this week--Yay!--I thought we might check out a new trail: Cowles Park in East Granby. Here's a map (Yes, I know the map is drawn in crayon. It's a very good map.) Does anyone know if the parking area for Cowles Park is cleared?

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the parking lot is cleared

I was hoping to feel better today but am still sick so another it's another missed opportunity. Have fun. Hope to see you next week.

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I'm dealing with some residual bronchitis as well and will likely skip tonight. Might do a some local snowshoeing with Maria (who also has a cold) and Kona (who needs a bath) this weekend, time permitting. There is no shortage of snow for the foreseeable future.

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I'll join ya, but have to ask the same question as last week. Where will we drink beer after ? Anyone interested in pizza as an alternative? And, if anyone wants to ride with me, I will be glad to drive

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How about here? Or, better still, here!

If anyone Stravas this and cares to post a link afterwards it would be much appreciated. As of a couple days ago I don't think it had seen enough traffic to warrant taking a fat bike out, but I have faith you guys can change that!

FWIW here's a loop I rode in January before the snow really set in. You could cut off a mile or two by leaving off the loop at the bottom (I did it twice), but could easily add more up on the ridge if you were so inclined.

I was planning on snowshoeing this week, just to be clear. (But if anyone wants to take a fat bike out, you're welcome to.)

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Oops, maybe I should have been more clear- I'm thinking about riding there tomorrow, so am curious what kind of tracks you guys put down tonight.

where are we meeting? I need an address or something. Thanks

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South Main Street East Granby, CT 06026 41.911348 -72.746229

and see this driving directions from new hartford from the park the entrance is on CT route 187 map

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Thanks Brett