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RFTCC-Wingbiter Friday 12/26

Here's my idea: Route. Do you want to do this on Friday during the day? Or Friday night? Please vote here. Posting in this thread means you are obligated to do the ride. Fireball shots are optional. Also, if we ride this during the day, I'm not averse to adding more mileage. If we ride it at night, I like it as is: Lots of hills, which will keep us warm and slow going uphill and we'll control the descents, to keep ourselves warm and safe.

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Friday, Day, Add more mileage.

Late afternoon ride could mean more miles, finish around 7:00pm and have joyful beers together.

Okay, Let's plan to ride in the afternoon: start at 1 pm. We'll ride more mileage; something like this. This way, we'll finish before dark. We'll still enjoy joyful beers afterward.

I'm up for the ride, but 1pm is too early, any chance we can do 2pm or even a little later? If 1pm works best for everyone, no biggie I'll get my own ride in and catch you next week.

I don't see why we couldn't do 2 pm. I won't be near my computer over Christmas, so just text me what's best for you and I'll send out a mass text on Friday morning to the usual Wingbiters/Dumpster riders.

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1 or 2 is good. As long as we ride in daylight I'm in. Might be going out to dinner with the neighbors but a few beers beforehand would be fine with me. Might even be a good idea ;)

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I text'd Greg to confirm tomorrow's start time and have been advised it is: 2 pm, New Hartford Center.

See everyone there. Walt