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RFTCC-Wingbiter Friday 1/23

Hike or bike? YOU decide!



Hike there are still patches of ice on the road not to mention the sandbox the dot has put down on the roads

Hike. I want to use my micro spikes again:). I also think the roads will be icy from melting and re freezing.

The majority has spoken! Friday night's activity: hiking. Time: 6:15 pm. Place: The intersection of Indian Hill Road and Breezy Hill Road in Canton. Trail: Heres a map: map

P.S. Someone bring a GPS device. The trail markings aren't the best.

Great choice! Those are some nice trails. I hike them often so I can tell you you'll definitely need microspikes or better. I doubt Yaktrax will be sufficient.

Looks like a nice hike night but I have our annual neighborhood party tonight.

Have fun, and remind Brett that he must display his respect of his elders by tossing himself in front of any and all oncoming wild animals.