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RFTCC-Wingbiter Friday 1/16

I won't be around this Friday; hiking in Savoy Forest State Park. The temperature on Friday evening should be around 20 degrees. Is the consensus to go for a mountain bike ride or a hike?

You make the call, Doug, but I think meeting halfway up Steele Road at 6:15 pm for a hike around Jones Mountain might be a good way to spend the evening. Please treat any newcomers to the story of the Aronson murder while you're there.

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> Hike

I will try to make the Hike also

I'll be around and would be up for a hike. I don't know the local conditions but I have boots, micro spikes, and snow shoes if needed. I'll bring it all along and go with the consensus at the start of the hike. Can someone give me directions to the meeting place or do we just meet at the dumpster and figure out transportation from there?

Dave Wiederspahn

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Hi, Dave, People will meet at the trailhead. If you're traveling from New Hartford center, the trailhead is halfway up Steele Road, after Burdick Rd. on the right and before Henderson Rd. on the left. Hope that helps.

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A hike sounds good

Of course, hike. My ability to attend is directly related to when Jackie completes her hair appointment.

Just a reminder, yaktrax or crampons tonight. I've studied up on the history of the murder and can relate the story at the site of the former foam dome. Murders, grave sites, and beer afterwards. What an evening we have in store!

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Thanks Greg. There's a road without houses on it closer to Burdick than Henderson. Is the trail head on that col-de-sac or is the trail head just off the road (i.e. is it easy to see other cars parked from the road? The stretch between Burdick and Henderson is about a 1/2 mile long and, at least from the aerial view on maps, it's not clear where the trail head is. I will leave early enough to allow enough time to find it.

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The trail head is on the east side of the road, south of that road without houses on it that you refer to . You'll see other cars parked there if you go around 6:15. Parking is adjacent to the road. There is nothing else nearby to confuse you once you get in the area. Park in such a way to allow others to fit in the limited area.

This is officially the lamest Wingbiter thread ever. I didn't laugh once and it appears we've only been able to come up with a stroll in the woods while Grandpa Dougie tells us a story. WHAT! no extreme gear requirements? no moonshine? and I guess since it's not a spoonbiter we don't need our snuggies... Are we seriously just doing a hike without any experimentation or mischief, not even our usual complex feats of lighting something on fire or throwing sharp objects in the dark?

I'm on the fence on this one.....

I'll be there. Even bought micro spikes this week. Christian I think you're on the fence because it'll be too cold for you. Lol:)

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Cheer up Christian, if you inadvertently stroll a few feet to the right of the trail you will be on the shooting range. I'd leave the antler hat at home.

Doug, I was up there last week. When did they tear down the foam dome?

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OK I blasted Queen the way here.I hope to get my snuggy on ;-)

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The foam dome was taken down this summer or fall. There's nothing left but the fireplace and a depression with some foundation stones around it.
Good hike tonight. No flats, no one lost, no crashes.