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Monday SP ride 5-11-15, meet at usual location, West Mt Road park

Since Doug may not be able to join us this Monday, I've put together a 24 mile ride which should be OK for all of us: If my "B" group is slower then I'll cut back a bit on the distance, but the basic route should be OK for the "A's". Let me know if this isn't OK, but the route gives us a good place to start. See you @ 6:00. Don

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Looks good to me, Don. I'll try my best to get there and email you and Bridget if I won't be able to make it. How about we change the meeting place to behind the shopping center, diagonally across from the post office on 309, as suggested by Paul in another thread? Makes sense to me and works out great on Tuesdays. As thanks to the shopping plaza owner, we should all consider patronizing his tenants' stores once in and while.

Location: Farms Village Plaza (Shops Across from Tulmeadow Farms & Post Office) Address: 244 Farms Village Rd, West Simsbury, CT 06092 Parking: In the REAR lot behind the building


Sounds good to me. Do we want to set it up for next week, 5/18? I'm sure there will be some confusion, we'll get it straightened out. D

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Can I just add my two cents in? It would be nice to leave the start where it is for those of us driving from a further distance to get to the meeting spot. Peter and I would appreciate it if we left the start as is. We are flexible though so if the group prefers to change we would be amenable.

I can live with it either way but if you're going to change it tonight, you'd better put someone down at the West Mountain park to redirect folks who didn't happen to see this thread. I'll have to drive past there anyway, so I'll do it. I'll stop there at about 5:45 and stay until 5:55, so please do me a favor and don't leave until I arrive.

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OK all. For tonight, meet at the usual meeting spot, West Mountain road park. The group can decide tonight on whether to change the location for future rides.