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"Group Rides" Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Come to Newtown and ride with Team 26 to Ridgefield to start the 2015 Sandy Hook Ride on Washington! Just know you have to find your way back to Newtown on your own! Rally starts at 8 AM, Newtown Town Hall. Or meet up as we lead the start of the Sandy Hook 5k at Fairfield Hills at 9:00 AM.

Or if you want to make a real adventure out of it:

Sunday: Ride with us from Morristown Town Hall, NJ Rally. 12pm Monday: Ride with us from Yorklyn, DE Center for the Creative Arts. 10am Tuesday: Ride with us from Proteus in College Park MD to DC. 9:30am

Feel free to pass this along to any cyclists you know who might be interested.

I'd get dropped in the parking lot at this point so I better stick to shorter rides this month. Good to see you are still supporting. Good luck with the weather and I'll see if I can find you guys in the news Saturday morning.

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You missed us by a week:

Monte Frank Speaks for Team 26 at the U.S. Capitol,

Eleanor Holmes Norton Welcomes Team 26 in D.C.,

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