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Friday 1/2 - CX Ride

Sorry for the late post - CX ride from Collinsville at 10:00 am Friday.

Figure around 2 1/2 hours.

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Okay. I'll be there.

I've been Rogowski'ed!

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Now I feel terrible. I should have known better and spent more time explaining in my post to you on your thread; The show I have tickets for tonight starts at night, today. That means it doesn't start at breakfast, today. This also means that a 10:00 am ride today would be possible if the ride is not longer than 8 hours long. And, it means that if there is a ride on Sunday this weekend I might try to make it, as long as the 2 hour music show I am seeing doesn't last longer than 36 hours. I know this is confusing for you but work through it with paper and a pencil by drawing a timeline. Maybe there's a child at home that can help, like with electronics?

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Ow! Math hurts.