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Bellows Falls Loop; "C" ride, no drop, 57 mi/ 2500' climbing, 12 mph avg.

I'm changing this ride to Wed, July 24. The temperature in the mid to lower 80's will make for a perfect riding day. This is a loop route starting from the B.F. Fish Ladder and Visitors center (rail station and bus depot) @ 9:00 am in the morning. Figure 2 hours from WH in order to start at 9:00. About 1.75 hrs to B. F. We’ll head north along the CT river to Charleston, MA (birthplace of “Pudge” Fisk) then cross toward Springfield, VT. The route to Springfield is the old, original “Toonerville Trolly" line from the river to the city. Heading north we’ll stop in N. Springfield to determine if we want to cut out the 17 mile northern section of our route and continue to Chester, or head north to Cavendish. Lunch will be either in Chester, or in Downers Corner before we get to Cavendish. Then it is down Duttonsville Gulf and on to Chester. We will encounter dirt roads, but they are of very good quality. I’ll be using my road bike with 25mm tires which work just fine. I know it is a long way to go for a ride, but we just don't have the same scenery here in CT. Let me know, Don

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Corrections corner: Fisk was born in Bellows Falls, VT and the people of Charlestown, NH want to know where Charleston, MA is. smile

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Maybe, But Charlestown has a plaque claiming their town is where he was born and played high school baseball. I think they may be p......... on each other shoes in a ditch. confused