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9/3 Tuesday B ride, 5:30PM Roll Outs for September

Hey Jan. Sounded like we had a lot of takers for 530 rides for the month of September.What do you think would be a good ride route for 520 Sunset?

We are good to start for a 5:30PM roll out. We can continue this throughout September. Please have those lights ready.

I will have the Garmin Varia tail light on my bike on Tuesday. For anyone that has a Garmin or Wahoo GPS computer, you can arrive 10 minutes early and I will pair my light with your computer so you can see how the light can notify a group of individual riders. Pretty incredible technology. Even with my Varia, you will still want your tail light. The Varia on my bike will provide 'cars coming' data on the screen of your computer. You'll see...

So, sunset is at 7:23PM. There is a point on our ride that we could shorten it if necessary, but the goal will be to head to Rt. 179 from the beginning via Shingle Mill and Woodchuck. As we take Rt 179 towards East Hartland, we will take a right onto LeGeyt to descend to Rt. 20. Shortly after that, we will venture onto Moosehorn Rd to bring us to Silkey...a different approach, but pretty nice. Once we get to Mountain Road, we will have a nice descent to 189. This is where we will hope to continue to East St and come back on Wells to Barndoor Hills, etc...or we may choose to come back on 189 and Day St. It will be a nice night.
29 miles 2500' climbing 179/LeGeyt Descent/Moosehorn/Silkey/Wells/Barndoor Hills