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9/16 Tuesday B Ride (5:30PM)

Sunset is rolling out at 5:30PM with lights charged and ready to go. If you update your Garmin or Wahoo, you can pair with my Varia Radar tail light so you can see the benefits of both the audio and visual cues of approaching cars.

This is a bang for the buck night. We've all climbed and ridden much longer rides. Let's enjoy another evening on some of the beautiful roads as we head towards Canton and into part of New Hartford. Woodchuck will take us up to bring us down North Mountain to Barbourtown. From there we are headed towards Ski Sundown to come back Rt. 44 (unless the group will follow me on Puddletown and up Breezy Hill for a little dirt). Indian Hill will take us back to 179 to meander back on West Rd. to 179 (again) and then descend down 309.

I'll post any updates on get you Slack on your phone!

22 miles 2400' climbing Woodchuck/North/Barbourtown/Wright/Ski Sundown...

Good plan. See you there.