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9/10 Tuesday B Ride (5:30PM)

Chasing more time.

Roll out is at 5:30PM and you'll head out the pretty familiar way, eventually taking you to the smooooth Firetown Rd. From there you'll make your way to the abbreviated Silver St. route. Jeff B. will be leading the charge, and I thank him for doing so. Remember that Doherty (off of Silver) has a rough descent before coming up to Rt. around you is key. Have your lights ready and enjoy this beautiful late summer/early fall ride.

Also...if you haven't done so...please start using Slack. I will be communicating more and looking for responses on that platform. We will likely have one more Tuesday ride after tonight, with greater possibilities of bringing people together for more spontaneous rides. Another thing to chat about tonight...EBCC Fall ride and picnic. It's looking like Saturday, September 28th is a date to reserve...more details will come...just save your Saturday.

26 miles 1600' climbing Silver/Doherty/189/Day