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7/23 Tuesday B Ride

Sunset for Tuesday is at 8:19PM...but who is paying attention to that? I am in denial. A few of us have spoken about making the Tuesday ride one that takes us away from our beaten paths. Yes...there will be climbing...and yes, it is a good one. You and we will be on some beautiful roads...earning some nice descents...and away from cars for the most part. The ride heads west towards Riverton via Barbourtown and Park Rd. As we return, the route takes us along East River Rd. to Goose Green and short bit on Rt. 44 before making our way up Indian Hill to meander our way back to the beginning.

Lights are definitely recommended, since we may be pushing daylight. There will be an alternate route if anyone wants to head back sooner...which will be discussed as we get there.

As for the forecast, I will post any updates around 4:30PM on Tuesday. If there is drizzle, perhaps a different route will be done.

If the Tuesday ride is impacted due to weather, I will plan to do the same route on Wednesday departing at 6PM from the same starting point. Just let me know if you will be there.

So here's the route: Climb On...38 miles 3800' climbing Barbourtown, Park Rd for starters

Great route. I will be there if it's not raining....radar currently looks ok to me.

Ride is on! See you shortly...and have your lights ready.