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Tuesday night ride?

I saw the Tuesday night ride on the calendar for tonight but didn’t see a post. Is this happening tonight? Weather looks good!

Rides are actually beginning April 2nd. For tonight and next Tuesday, I encourage riders to use this forum to state if they will be showing up for the ride, as a 'show and go' at 5:30.

Otherwise, I will see you on April 2nd...and hopefully it will be as nice as this evening!

Let's go 2019! See you soon.

I'll be there

It is Tuesday, March 26th...for those interested in going for a ride, please respond here.

I will not be joining you but as mentioned last week...I will see you on April 2nd.

Make sure your bikes and lights are ready for next week. I look forward to seeing you and sharing in some great rides this year.

Ride safely tonight...if you are going.

I'll be there and I believe Amanda will be there as well



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