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Regularly Scheduled Gravel and Mixed Surface Rides

My sources tell me that at least 15 EBCC members expressed an interest in gravel rides as a part of the survey. I know that there’s interest outside the current membership as well. Anyone else interested in getting a regular ride from Simsbury and/or New Hartford going? Elsewhere? Or perhaps mixing some dirt into one of existing rides on occasion?

Tuesday (after this month), Wednesday and Friday evenings won’t work for me because of CCAP and family obligations.

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I m interested !! Jim. Let’s see when others want to ride.

Awesome 👊

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I’d be in for those rides!

Three riders feels like a critical mass. What day would work best next week? We also could venture to the wilds East Hartland and Granville on the weekends. And don't forget--Paris-Roubaix is Sunday!

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....just set my recorder. On NBCSN (channel 1207) for you cablers. Coverage starts 1am Monday morning.

Usually available most eves if not mtb’ing. Next weekend may be tough though.

UPDATE: Ron B. has offered to set up a gravel distribution list for scheduling rides as well. If anyone wants to ride during week, shoot me an email.