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"C" Ride for 5/25 “C” Ride for Saturday 5/25. From Riverton @ 9:30 am. Park @ the glass studio (former church) on Robertsville Rd. That’s about 125 yds west of the Riverton general store. I think we’ve all ridden parts of this route, but I’ve include a few wrinkles to freshen it up a bit; not just up and back. We’ll find lunch on the way. The last I looked the Monterey General store, where we have had lunch in the past, is closed. But, a new, small restaurant is just to the west on top of the hill on RT 23. If that doesn’t work we’ll head down to Southfield or the Mill River general store which are open. Please bring plenty of water as it can be a long way from Riverton. Let me know. I will also be looking at a Memorial Day ride of some kind, but haven’t figured that out yet. I may have family stuff I need to do. Don

PS: We do not usually have a Monday night ride on Memorial Day.

Shelley and I are in.