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Brodie CX - Pre ride Wed 10/11 at 5:30

I was able to get out and clear the wooded areas of the Brodie Course this weekend. Anyone interested in a pre-ride? Even if you are not planning on competing it will give a little taste of what the racers will be experiencing on 10/21. It'a also a great opportunity to identify ideal heckling spots.

How about a Wed roll at 5:30PM at the Brodie Parking lot? That should give about an hour to get a few laps in. There will not be any stakes but I'll go out and put down some stake flags to follow.

If I can get some lap times from a few people it will help me finalize the course.

I am still, and will keep asking for volunteers. Critical positions right now are 2 AM parking lot spots to direct cars (roughly 7-10AM). We may be tight on parking so we will need to make sure we fully utilize the available space. Also important is course marshaling in the morning and afternoon. I need to position a marshal on the beach access road as well as the police dock trail.

Here is the link to the sign up sheet

Hoping the weather is good. Wyatt and I are planning to show. Might be running a few minutes late.

Thanks Jeff Wyatt and Chris for coming out. We got a couple good laps in at speed. Got a few things to refine but I think the flow is good. 10 days to go,

Super fun course, except for that section where Chris passed me on foot. grimacing

Love the sand section and the flowing grassy knoll. We're looking forward to race day.