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7/9 Tuesday B Ride

It's going to be a hot least that's what I hear. I am working on a route and hope to get it posted by noon. Jeff B. will be the ride leader as I will be presenting a safety clinic at Winding Trails for their summer tri series. If you would like to 'tri' one of those races, we have some complimentary passes at Benidorm Bikes. I will be happy to share those. The race is family friendly and combines swimming, a mountain bike loop and then a trail run. Check out Winding Trails if you want to learn more.

Anyhow...I will get a route planned. Jeff was thinking a bit of climbing....I may provide a couple options.

Remember your lights as we will continue to work with the longer days.

Ride safely.

...and this is what I've come up with for tonight.

39 Miles 2700' Climbing Rt. 20 to East Hartland / Granville / Loomis

You'll head out the usual way and climb up to East Hartland. Enjoy the rolling roads and descent into Granville. Rt. 57 will wind you down to Loomis and you'll begin your way back on 189, to Day, Creamery Hill, Kelley Lane to Barndoor Hills and Simsbury Rd. Charge your lights and look forward to seeing you next week!

Great route - Thanks Jan!
See you all there for 6pm roll out