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Bike Boxes - 2018 Checkout

New Thread for 2018. Make sure you renew your membership before reserving a box.

Available: 2 Trico Boxes, 1 Thule Box


Christopher Maglieri - “one of the Trico boxes for 2 weeks in early FEB 2018.“

Jason Kasprzak - 2 Boxes - March 14th to 25th.

Brent Soderberg - Thule Box - May 14-22

Jonathan Sawn - 2 Trico Boxes - June 24 to July 8

Kerensa and I would like to use the two Trico boxes from June 24 until July 8.

In reply to Brent

I currently have one of the Trico boxes.

I need a 2nd box (preferably the Thule) from March 14th to 25th.