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Brodie Cross - Presented by Benidorm Bikes/Eastern Bloc Cycling Club


Mark your calendars folks, this is happening!!

Cyclocross at Brodie Park in New Hartford, 10/21/17

Please help spread the word and contact me if you are interested in helping out. Let's makes this awesome!


Awesome Pat. Cote family is looking forward to racing and volunteering!

This will be great to have a Cyclocross event race in our neck of the woods once again! Thanks for getting it going Pat!

Yeah it's gonna be cool, but the work has just begun. We'll have more details at the club picnic and I will be looking for volunteers.

It's only a coincidence that the picnic is at the home of the club's volunteer consigliere, but considered yourselves warned ;)

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Pat, I'll be happy to help by volunteering; perhaps, I will join in the fun and race as well.

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Looking forward to volunteering and perhaps participating if yo make the course really, really easy!


Count me in for a volunteer and I will be racing also .


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Pat, signed up to race at 9am. Will plan to volunteer after my race. I will stay tuned for details. Thanks!

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Pat, signed up to race at 9am. Will plan to volunteer after my race. I will stay tuned for details. Thanks!

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I'm helping Pat make good on his threat to recruit club members for volunteer spots. Let's show the CT Cycling Community why we keep taking home the Tokeneke Beer. Sign up for a Brodie Cross volunteer spot or two before the good assignments are taken!

Brodie Cross Volunteer Signup Sheet

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Thank you Jeff for setting this up! And thanks to everyone who has offered their help so far. Cool things are starting to happen and I will post updates as I have them.

I have the nod of approval from the town to start clearing areas for the course. When we have the loop open I am hoping we can get some pre-dark riding done on a week night. It''ll be a good opportunity to recon the course if you are racing, or give it a try at your own pace if you are curious about CX. Don't touch that dial!


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Pat, Thanks! Yes would love to ride it. Let me know when you're doing some clearing. If I'm in town I'll come help. I signed up for course setup Friday. Looks like Eric is also on that shift.

Just heard from Brewery Legitimus that they are interested in being at the race.....with beer!!! Details to follow!

Any camp fire experts out there? We have permission to use the fire pit to the right of the start finish area. Who knows, it might actually get chilly enough that a fire will be welcome! Also planning on an EBCC smores tent for the kids (of all ages). I have a portable propane fire pit, thinking hot coffee and cocoa also but I will need some chaperones if you are looking for a warm volunteer opportunity.

Great news for Brodie CX!

We will have two local New Hartford businesses participating in the cyclocross race at Brodie Park on October 21st, 2017. The Sweet Harvest food truck will be there along with Brewery Legitimus! Bring your appetites for farm fresh food and craft beer!

Please share!

Sweet Harvest Food Truck

Brewery Legitimus

Hey everyone, we are a little over a week away and need to nail down some key volunteer positions. Jeff has set up the sign up sheet for us that you will find here

Brodie Volunteer Signup

Here are the descriptions for some of the key areas we need to fill:

    Volunteer Coordinator(1 person):  Oversees all remaining volunteers, explaining their position responsibilities and 
    providing support during their shifts. 

    Race Registration (2 people AM):  Man the registration table. Responsibilities are as follows: 


        - Confirm the racers name on their UCAC license (hardcopy or electronic).  

        - Obtaining racer signature on the reg form. 

        - Instruct the racer on number placement (numbers will be above the left pocket).   

    Day of registrations with a USAC license

        - Check license

        - Obtain signature on reg form

        - Take payment ($45 for adults, $25 for juniors)

        - Add the rider to the field roster (at the end, no callups for day of). 

    Day of registrations with a 1-day license

       - Obtain signature on reg form (same form, no carbon form used anymore).

       - Take a photo of the reg form (my ipad will be available) for USAC.

       - Take payment ($55 for adults, $35 for juniors which includes the $10 insurance charge). 

       - Add the rider to the field roster. 

    Parking (2 people 7-10, 2 people 10-2):  Direct cars from the main lot onto the former Brodie House lawn first.  
    Instruct drivers to park nose in to maximize available space.   In the main lot park cars in rows nose in keeping the access to the 
    Brodie House open.  
    Cars may be parked on the grass between the lot and the road nose in. 
    If the all parking around the lot and yard is used direct drivers to the additional parking along the beach access road off Niles Road. 

    Course Marshals (3 people 9-1, 3 people 1-4):  Monitor the follow locations to ensure that pedestrians do not enter the course.  

        - Berkshire hall access:  The course will pass in front of Berkshire hall but registration access will be set up to the 
          front porch of the hall.  The main crossing to the expo on the center grass will need to be manned. 

        - Beach access road where the course crosses at the skate park parking lot. 

        - Police dock access at the south end of the beach parking lot.  
          Boaters may need to cross the course to launch canoes and kayaks so make sure the course is clear before allowing access. 

Here's a course preview. Come on out for a few laps on Wed night and then try the race on Saturday!

Brodie CX

Where are all the Wingbiter volunteers?! Did you guys not see the part about food and beer?

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Sorry folks, can't help this time. Down in Georgia with our new Granddaughter.
Walt and Bets.

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I can help in the morning Jim