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2018 Tour of the Litchfield Hills

Gimme a T! Gimme an O! Gimme another T!

Well you know the rest. It's TOTLH time again! The Tour will be held on Sunday August 5th, 2018. As we have done for years EBCC will be hosting the rest stop all rest stops at the Canaan Charcoal Furnace on Lower Road. We will be running a morning and an afternoon shift and we would like to have 2-3 people per shift.

This is a great opportunity for our club to demonstrate our commitment to the cycling community all the while supporting the worthy cause of the Center for Cancer Care Fund.

Breaking down the event set up at Coe Park is another activity where the club has been very supportive and I am hopeful that we can continue with that effort this year. EBBC volunteers have been a tremendous help with this.

So comment here if you can volunteer for one of the slots below and I will update the thread when I see your post. Lastly, if you are unaware of the TOTLH and the great things this all-volunteer organization has done here is the link to the Tour website and our benefactor, the Cancer Care fund of the Litchfield Hills.

Tour of the Litchfield Hills

Cancer Care Fund of the Litchfield Hills

Thanks, Pat


EBCC Canaan Rest Area morning shift (9-12:30)

Don and company.

EBCC Canaan Rest Area afternoon shift (12:30-4)

Kevin and company

Post event cleanup (4PM)



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Pat, I'll arrange to staff the Canaan Rest Area from 9-12:30. You're on your own for the afternoon slots.

I'm available to staff rest stop either morning or afternoon shift. Let me know where you need me.

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Thanks Don!

Kevin, the afternoon slot at the rest stop is where we usually need help.

Thanks, Pat

AFternoon's fine. As I am new to the area and the event, will appreciate detailed instructions (time, location,...) when the time comes.

We are almost three weeks out from the Tour.

Many thanks to Don and crew for once again covering the morning rest stop shift.

Is anyone interested in helping Kevin during the afternoon slot? Any riders out there with young family members that need community service hours? The tour committee will provide a letter of service as this is a charity event that benefits the local community.


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I've enlisted my college student son and lovely wife to assist me so if the stop only needs three, I think we're set.

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Great news Kevin! Thanks, Pat


Just let me know where and when we need to be. IS there some organizational meeting ahead of time?

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No organizational meeting for the rest stop. The SAG vans take care of delivery and pickup of all of the supplies, tent and table. You may want to bring some folding chairs. Don and company always has things running smoothly when the afternoon shift takes over at 12:30. I’ll send you some phone numbers in case you need to contact Coe Park for any reason.

The club stop is at the Beckley Furnace on Lower Road in Canaan, just east of the limestone quarry. It’s a popular stop as it is on the 50, 75, and 100 mile routes.

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You should have a good time. We'll leave you with everything set up. Most of the riders come through before 12:00. The morning is semi-controlled chaos, but fun in its own way. D

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I can help with cleanup. Just show up at the start/finish by 4:00? Or does it tend to actually start earlier?

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Thanks Chris! Clean up usually starts between 3:30-4 and rapidly picks up by 4:30.

Great day yesterday! I hope everyone enjoyed the event.

Big shoutout to our Canaan rest stop crew! They were awesome. That location, particularly on a hot sunny day like we had yesterday, is a crucial supply station and the EBCC crew went above and beyond again this year. Thank you one and all for doing such a great job!

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I'd like a particular thanks to Marc Homan for cutting up 8 large watermelons with "point ended" pieces! Ginna and Renee did a great job keeping the food moving, especially cutting up a whole box of sandwiches. And, for Bryan and family showing up a little early so we could get out on our ride. Fun time1

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The watermelon sounds great! Thank you to all that help. As Doug and I provide support at the start...addressing those last minute issues...we get to see so many people and hear their feedback about the rides. People travel in from great distances and love this event! The organization, the routes and the volunteers make this event a great success. Thanks to all that lend their time...and watermelon!