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Did You Pack Well For The Bicycle Vacation?

Are you gearing up first time for the cycling expedition? Bicycle vacations in Europe are the most exciting, however, overweight luggage can ruin the pleasure completely. Here are a few essential things you will probably need. And, to stuff all these things comfortably, just 4 pannier bags are needed, leaving with space for a few days worth of food too.

Bags – Do not miss to get a handlebar bag, front and rear panniers and a racktop bag to fit in all the stuff hassle free.

Cooking – All you need for cooking is a big & small pot, 2 cups & plates, coffee grinder & maker, stove, fuel bottle, chopping board, kitchen bag, detergent bottle, dish cloth, cigarette lighter, bulldog clips, cutlery bag, pocket knife, and a tea towel.

Camping – Add a tent, 2 sleeping bags, sleeping mat, air pillow, head torch, ground sheet and fly repair tape. Additionally, stuff in the repair kit for the pillow, mattress and tent pole.

Bike Gear – Include 2 tubes, patch kit, spare tire, tire boot, bike lock, spare nuts, washers and bolts, cleats and rim tape apart from Allen & Torx keys, air pump and an adjustable spanner.

Extras – Do not miss on spare keys, photocopies of passport, vaccination certificates, sunglasses, hand sanitizers, electronic items like camera & headphones, essential toiletries, and a medical kit.

To experience the best of bicycle vacations in Europe, it is an ideal checklist to have!

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