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Club's stationary trainer - bearings are toast - anybody got the proof of purchase?

The bearings are shot in the club's Cyclops stationary trainer. They are also non-replaceable and cannot be greased, meaning that the entire resistance unit needs to be replaced.

Without the original proof of purchase, and given the trainer's advanced age (~8 years?) Saris, the parent company of Cyclops, is refusing to provide a replacement resistance unit for me under their lifetime warranty agreement.

What are the chances that a club member still has the proof of purchase? Anybody?

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I still have electronic copies of old treasurer's reports, and a quick review shows a trainer purchase of $143.10 in 2001. There are no paper records or receipts back that far. Perhaps Benidorm has something in their system to show the purchase?

If you need a quick fix, I have an old Cyclops wind trainer you can use.

Wow. I didn't realize it was that old. Anyway, they're telling me that even with the proof of purchase, they would not provide a free replacement unit for what they consider to be "normal wear and tear".

Thanks John (and others who offered to hook me up with a trainer). I have other trainers and a set of rollers available to me for my own use, but wanted to make sure we had a serviceable one on hand for other club members who may have a need.

Saris did offer to sell me just the resistance unit for $100.