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Bike Boxes - 2020 Reservations

New thread for 2020.

Jason K - 1 Box - June 23 - July 6

Mary Ellen P - 1 Trico Box - 7/27 - 8/4

Connie G - 1 Trico box July 13 - 8/4

Kathleen B 7/27/2020 - 8/4/2020.

Rona G - August 11 -21

Jason K - 1 Box - August 25 to September 8

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June 23 - July 6

August 25 to September 8

Hi, I would like to use a trico box from February 2 until the 15. 2020

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Hi Chris, I have a box - email me for handoff

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Chris (CAMBIKES) has the Trico box that I last had, he should be returning it to me to hold on to for my next trip May 27th to June 7

I would like to reserve the trico bike box from 7/27 - 8/4 there more than one?

Just a reminder, I am still in possesion of one of the boxes. Hopefully I will need it for August 11 -21 (but most likely that trip will get canceled)

I also still have a trico box, no intention of using it this year.

Connie G 1 Trico box July 13 - August 4

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Connie G I Trico Box - 7/13-8/4

I'd love to borrow a bike box for traveling from 7/27/2020 until 8/4/2020. Kathleen

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Ronag, Is it possible for me to use a box from July 13 through August 4? I am in West Hartford. Please let me know. Thanks, Connie

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Hi Joe, I am interested in borrowing a trico box from July 27 until August 4, 2020. Do you happen to have the box still? My cell is 860.214.7337. Thanks, Kathleen Berry

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Kathleen, Sorry I haven't been checking the website as much. I added you to the list. There were already two other people with reservation that overlap your requested dates, but we have three boxes. It's up to people to coordinate the hand off of the boxes. You can look member's contact info under the club info tab.


done with the box and returned to Jason ... nice to have such an option of borrowing the box. thx. Mary Ellen

I have a bike box - Thule, if anyone needs it.

I have the Trico box that was formerly in Jason’s possession.

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I would like to reserve a trico box for the first half of february. Don't have exact dates yet, but up to the 15th I'd say.

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Hello, do you have a bike box?