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Bike Boxes - 2019 Reservations

New Thread for 2019. Make sure you renew your membership before reserving a box.

Available: 2 Trico Boxes, 1 Thule Box


Christopher Maglieri - 1 box - February 3rd-15th, 2019

Jim Magennis - 1 box - March 29 - April 6, 2019

Jim Rogowski - 1 box - March 28th - April 7th, 2019

Jason Kasprzak - 1 box - May 1-12, 2019

Jason Kasprzak - 2 boxes - June 5 to 16

Rona Gollob - 1 Box - June 26 - July 8, 2019

Rona Gollob - 1 Box - July 31 - August 9, 2019

Jamie Streeter - 1 Box July 17 - Aug 5, 2019

Jason Kasprzak - 1 box - August 7 to 12, 2019

Joe L - 1 Box, 9/26 - 10/4

Jason Kasprzak - 1 box - Oct 30th to Nov 5th

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I have at least 1 definite travel date for 2019; May 1 to 12

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Like to reserve one box for March 29th to April 6th. Jim

Would like to reserve one of the bike boxes for March 28th till April 7th. Thanks!

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Add in August 7 to 12 for me, Thanks.

I need to borrow a bike box for two different dates 1. June 26- July 7
2. July 31 - August 9


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Jim R has the next box reservation. Who currently has a box to hand off?


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Hi Brent, I have the Thule Box at my house... Dave Evens

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Jim or Jim looks like I'm next to need a box let me know when would be good to get it from either of you.

Additionally I may need 1 (or 2, for Patricia too) boxes June 5 to 16

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I have on box and Jim R has the other. I can drop it off or you can pick it up.

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I need the bike box through July 8 (I come home on July 7)

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who has a bike box? Jason has one but in August we need it at the same time so it makes sense to get a different one. My preference to pick it up is this Thursday morning ( June 27) but could do it tonight (monday June 24) after 8 pm. My phone is 860490-3441

I’d like to reserve a box for 7/17-8/5. Who has one?

I picked up a Trico box from Jim R. If it’s not clear, the 3 boxes are currently with Jason, myself & Rona.

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Looks like I'll need a box for 1 more trip this year Oct 30th to Nov 5th, I currently have a box so unless someone else needs it between now and then I'm all set.

I'll need a box for 9/26 - 10/4

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Just to let you know, I still have a box so if anyone needs it, let me know

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I have a box as well