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Bike Boxes - 2018 Checkout

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Hi Brent, Will I be able to get the box on Wednesday, July 13th found out the need to have to FedEx by Thursday, July 14th. Thanks in advance.

Brent/David/Jason: I have a Trico box I'd really like to hand off. Someone want it?
Lemme know. TomH 860-309-1912

Even though I am two weeks out, I was just wondering how I get one of the bike boxes? Rona

I handed off the Thule box to David Evens on July 10th

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I'd try to contact one of the people that had the bike bike last and arrange hand off. Hopefully they will reply here or you can look up their contact info in the club info directory.


I'm delivering a Trico box back to Jason K on Thursday, July 19.

I am back from traveling. I left my box at Benidorm (since they are putting my bike back together).

Hi all the Thule box is finally back from Iowa in my garage...who's next? Dave

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Hi - I would like to borrow a bike box - heading to Atlanta 8/29 return 9/2 in the afternoon, would drop it back off after my fight. I have a 51 inch frame. Let me know if there is one available and where to pick it up. Thanks, Sue

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Looks like I only need 1 box for my Sept. trip, I currently have one of the Trico boxes so will hold on to it and don't need a 2nd one.

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I would like to reserve a trico box for early February, 3rd-15th. 2019

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I will add this to a new thread for 2019 Bike Box Checkout. Just a reminder to everyone that bike bikes reservations are first come first served to paid club members, so remember to renew for 2019 if you make a box reservation. I'm going to lock this thread so we start a new one.