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Bike Boxes - 2018 Checkout

New Thread for 2018. Make sure you renew your membership before reserving a box.

Available: 2 Trico Boxes, 1 Thule Box


Jason Kasprzak - 2 Boxes - March 14th to 25th.

Brent Soderberg - Thule Box - May 14 - May 22

Tom Hodgkin - 1 Box - May 14 - June 2

Jonathan Sawn - 2 Trico Boxes - June 24 to July 8

David Evens - 1 Box - July 17th to Aug 4th [has Thule box]

Jason Kasparzak - 1 Box - July 25th to 31st

Rona Gollob - 1 Box - July 23rd - August 5th

Sue T - 1 Box - August 29 to September 2 [has one Trico box]

Jason Kasprzak - 1 Box - September 2nd to 17th [has one Trico box]

Kerensa and I would like to use the two Trico boxes from June 24 until July 8.

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I currently have one of the Trico boxes.

I need a 2nd box (preferably the Thule) from March 14th to 25th.

I'd like to reserve a bike box for May 14 - June 2. Thule/Trico...does it matter?

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I marked your reservation down. We have 1 Thule box, and 2 Trico boxes. I had reserved the Thule box over the same time period. I think the Thule box has a little more room.


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Thank you, Brent. I don't know that size matters: my bike is a 54, not huge.
Let me know how/when to pick up. My email is on the member list. Tom

I currently have both Trico boxes in my garage in Simsbury. My email in on the club list.

I may need them again for September 2nd to 17th.

As I said before, my bike is only a 54, so if there's congestion, I'd probably be happy with a Trico if it's smaller than the Thule.

Brent, I currently have the Thule box. E-mail me to coordinate exchange. Jamie

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Tom has one of the Trico boxes now. I still have the other.

Hi all, Could I reserve the Thule box for July 17th to Aug 4th? Going out to Ragbrai this year Thank you... Dave

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Looks like I might need a box for July 25th to 31st.

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I updated the reservation list for David and Jason

Back from my trip and ready to give up a Trico box.
Jonathan, is that you? Email me for transfer arrangements. Tom Hodgkin

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I also have the Thule box that can be handed off.


I would like to borrow 1 bike box (I don't know the difference between any of them) for July 23th - August 5th. Off to London, England for the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 mile. I have a x-small road bike

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Brent, looks like you missed my other reservation for July 25th to 31st

I emailed Jonathan Sawn about needed the 1 Trico box I have but haven't heard anything back.

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I added your July reservation to the list.

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I just booked a trip for July 24 to 31 but it looks like all the box reservations are taken for that time period. I'll add my name to the wait list in case one falls through (or if the club want to purchase another box smile)


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Anyone know anything about Jonathan Sawn? I have a Trico box and am leaving for a week right when he says he needs it, which is supposedly in 3 days. I've emailed twice and texted...but no answer. Anyone got any insight? TomH