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Bike Boxes - 2017 Checkout

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We have both Trico boxes. I am using one of them for the several days, returning 6/29. The other one needs a buckle replaced, the part just shipped so it should be all set in the same time frame. We're in Canton and can coordinate if you'd like to pick up anytime after 6/29.

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Awesome Chris, I guess we should reserve both of them for the boys, 1 for Jeff's son Wyatt and one for my son Pete. We are going to Nationals and will be back the week of July 3rd. We can arrange pick up then.

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Hi Chris (and Peter) - I just sent you both an email, looking to coordinate pickup of the two boxes. I can pick up both boxes in Canton and deliver both to our homes in Burlington on 7/5.

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I picked up the Thule box from Jason K, this morning. Provided it fits my bike, I'll be using it until August 7th, at the earliest.

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Young Peter and Wyatt are done using the Trico Iron Case boxes. Post if you need one or both, and we'll arrange the transfer. - Jeff

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I should have one of the Trico boxes tomorrow (8/3) from Jeff and will need it through 8/13.

Not sure who has the boxes but I need a box for Thanksgiving Weekend? Need it for a single Road bike. Not sure who has them or what to use.

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Hi Brian, I have one. We can arrange a handoff this weekend if that works. Let me know.

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That works for me. Give me a call. I'm working Saturday but I can pick it up on Sunday.


Hi everyone, I will be looking to use one of the Trico boxes for 2 weeks in early FEB 2018. Figure id put it out there while it's on my mind. haha.

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We should start a new thread for 2018 Bike Box checkout.