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Bike Boxes - 2016 Checkout

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I will be using the Thule through 7/16. If any one needs the other box, let me know before 6/29. Jack

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Yes I still have one Trico box

Is a box available 7/15-8/9? Thanks!

I have two of the boxes but, they will not be available until 7/17.

I have a box available, I'll contact you

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I need a box from 7/21 thru 8/15. Is one available and where can I pick it up. Thanks! Ron

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I have two of the boxes. They can be picked up on the 17th or, I can leave them on my property for pickup after that. Email me to discuss details. Jack.

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I picked up the Trico box from Jack and will be using it until approximately 8/15.

Thanks, Ron

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I have one of the two Trico cases. Let me know if it is needed.


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I'm looking to reserve a box for Oct. 5th to 11th. I need it for my tri-bike so not sure if one of the boxes would be better suited than the other for that type of bike.

Thanks, Jason

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I tried to fit my MTB in the two types of boxes and found the Thule box to be slightly bigger and have a little better padding. As a result I didn't have to do a complete disassembly of the bike. For reference, the bike is a large full suspension 29er epic. If size is a consideration, I would go with the Thule.

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Thanks for the info, I spoke with Jan and Doug and they both said pretty much the same thing.

Sooooo, who's got one of the Thule boxes and how do I go about acquiring it?


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I have the Thule box. Located in Simsbury. Call or e-mail me (Contact information is under the Club Info Members List) to make arrangements.


I will be using the Trico box I have been storing for the next two weeks to ship a bike to the west coast. Should have the box back in two weeks.