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Bike Boxes - 2016 Checkout

Starting a new thread for 2016 bike box reservations.

We have two TricoSports Iron Cases (Link) and one Thule Round Trip Sport case (Link)

Ron B. has dibs on the Thule case from 2/18 through 3/14 (I have this case and will get it to Ron)

Chris & Heather have requested two cases from 3/17 through 3/27

Brent reserved one case from 4/6 through 4/17

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This would be a good time to remind everyone that you may renew your club membership now for 2016. Bike box reservations are first come first served for active club members.

Good point Brent! I have the other two cases. Contact me if you need to use them.


I'd like to reserve a box for 4/9 - 4/23, preferably a light one.

Thanks -Joe

As of 2/21/16: 1 box currently in Chris Maglieri's possession.

2nd box is with me

3rd box is with John Lockwood.


Chris Arwen: 2 boxes 3/17-27

Joe : 4/9-23

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As of 2/21/16 - the Thule box is with Ron B.

As of 3/12 the other two boxes are with Chris and Heather.

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Is a bike case available from 4/6 to 4/17?


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we have the two trico cases, can hand off.

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The only other reservation for that time period is from Joe (EFESS) for 4/9. I have the 3rd box in my garage.

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I picked up the Thule box from Pat. Chris and Heather still have the 2 Trico cases.

Just picked up one Trico box from Chris (4/9/2016)

Is one of the boxes currently available for the coming week?

We have one of the Trico boxes, happy to arrange a handoff.

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> We have one of the Trico boxes, happy to arrange a handoff.

Great, I'll contact you privately.

Show one Trico box with me until 4/23.

Jack- Would like to reserve a case from 6/26 through 7/17.

Anyone know who has the boxes? Would like to arrange picking one up between now and the 26th.

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Please chime in correct is this is inaccurate: 1. Brent S. has the Thule box 2. Carey G. has a TRICO box 3. Joe L. has a TRICO box.

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I called Carey today. He has a TRICO I will be picking up today and be using through 7/16.

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I currently have the Thule box.


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Jack picked up the Thule bike box from me this morning. I guess the Trico case didn't fit his bike.