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Virtual Training at Benidorm Bikes this FRIDAY, November 20th at 6PM

Hi Everyone,

There are some hearty folks that will ride outdoors all year long...while some will saunter to their indoor riding area. We've been offering these virtual training clinics, but this year, we will introduce a few of the apps you may choose to work with for your indoor ride experience. Read on and come to learn and/or sweat. Always remember, friends are welcome!

Hope to see you here!

Virtual training brings the outdoor ride experience indoors, to you, when you don't have the time to be outdoors.

We will demonstrate trainers by CycleOps and BKool and explore Virtual Training Apps with CycleOps, ZWIFT and Trainer Road. Each provides a different experience ranging from training plans, real life rides from around the world or detailed 3D graphics.

Bring a riding friend, cycling shoes and clothing if you'd like to experience a course yourself. There will be 5 stations set up to demo products from CycleOps and BKool.