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TransRockies Gravel Royal Registration for Sale - Cheap.

Sadly I won't be able to make it to this race this year, so I'm putting my registration up for sale. This is a 3-day stage gravel race this August 23rd - August 26th in British Columbia Canada. Brett Murno is going, and has been before, so you won't be alone.

Check out They've changed the format so the entire event will be hosted out of the Nipika Mountain Resort, which is a wonderful location owned by awesome people!! And PS, the organizers of the event are great and are logistics guru's!!!

I am selling the entire package for $800 USD (half of what I paid). The current registration is $1384 USD. My registration also includes the Mechanical Package (a $276 USD add on). The current exchange rate is $1.00 US = $1.37 Canadian dollar, so other aspects of your travel will be less expensive. Let me know if you're interested!!! PS. This area of the world is stunning!!! Contact me, Betsy Hard, at or 8609166170