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Tour de Kingdom & the Moose is Loose

Early Bird Discount Extended We Want Your Team! We've had such a good response to our Early Bird Discount, we're extending it to February 1, 2020. $45 for a day of fully supported riding at The Moose, including $15 of "Moose Money" to be spent at Mike's Tiki Bar (with 30 beer on tap) and the Burrito Wagon after the ride AND out on the ride, three fully stocked support tables with Garuka Bars and Untapped Maple Syrup packets, lunch. and more along with roving SAG wagons.


We're especially looking for clubs and teams to ride in the Team Challenge. We form teams of 3 to 10 riders and take the top three times of each team to determine the winner of The Moose Wheel. Blault's Beef Jerky and Couture's Maple Syrup all around to the winning team. Previous winners of the Moose Wheel: Onion River Sports, Upper Valley Velo, and Spoke 'n' Word which is already back in force to defend The Wheel.

For more info and to register for The Moose


When you register, enter "earlybird" in the coupon code for a $20 discount on the normal $65 fee.

The Moose is part of a three day Tour de Kingdom, with our popular Ride Around the Lake on Friday, June 12th, 2020 and our Legendary Lake Region Ride on Sunday, June 14th, 2020. The extended discount applies to each of those other days as well.

Hope to see you on our "car hungry" roads of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 2020.

Phil White, Director Kingdom Games

You need to go to Phil's web site to see the graphics. Great event. Wonderful area in which to ride.

A group of EBCCers did this the last time it was offered and had a great time. Beth and I are already registered. The early reg saves about $20 a day.

Hope to see club members there. Teams for day 2 anyone?

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Hi Pat,

Thanks for posting. I already have plans to go on a bike trip in Greece that week. Maybe next year