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Smart Trainers and Indoor Riding Apps, November 9th at 6:30PM

November 9th beginning at 6:30PM at Benidorm there if you want to explore and understand the various 'smart trainer' considerations...and some of the virtual riding/training apps.

We're your local Wahoo Fitness Center...that means we have all the essentials for maximizing your indoor ride experience. The 'Wahoo Fitness Center' is set up every day, but on November 9th, we will have several stations set up with different indoor riding apps. You can ride non-smart trainers too. Smart trainers make indoor cycling fun!

How can that be? Don't miss this evening with several stations set up with trainers like the Wahoo KICKR, Wahoo KICKR Core, Wahoo KICKR Snap along with the Climb Grade Simulator. We will have different apps set up for you to experience the effort you thought you'd never experience...indoors. Whether you are impacted by less daylight, cold temps, inclement weather, or are just looking for the safety of your of these trainers is for you! We always have fun and you can bring friends to learn with us as well. Come have your questions answered and experience this for yourself!