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Ride for Ben October 12, 2018

In 2014, seven year old Benjamin Buckley passed away as a result of a severe asthma attack.

Please join Ride For Ben 5, an event in his memory, now in its fifth year. All proceeds go to Ben Was Here Inc., a non-profit charitable organization to help fund asthma research, medications, scholarships, and Arts & Technology in local schools.

Events kick off at 2pm! $25 Registration fee, NO Fundraising requirements!

Great Scenic Routes

Both route options pass through scenic, rolling terrain. We think it's the best "hookey ride" you'll find for a Friday afternoon in October. And that's before the post-ride barbeque. You'll want to come back and ride this area again!

The Ride for Ben's classic 15-mile "Tyler Mill" route passes through the beautiful, rolling, Tyler Mill area in eastern Wallingford. Farms, woods, water, rolling hills. (780 feet of climbing)

The 30-mile "Lyman Route" adds extra miles into picturesque portions of Middlefield and Durham. Farms, orchards, reservoirs, historic homes. Perfect for those wanting "just a little more" distance and difficulty. (1,635 ft of climbing)

Registration is Open! ********

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Twitter: @rideforben

Instagram: @rideforbenCT