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Farmington Valley Youth Cycling - Breakaway Benefit Ride (Sat 5/1) & Call for used bikes

CCAP's big annual fundraising event (the Breakaway Benefit Ride) is scheduled to take place at Winding Trails in Farmington on Saturday 5/1. The event is dedicated to the memory of our friend Dave Hoyle, and features a variety of MTB and road bike routes. Enjoy post ride food, drink, music and entertainment. Note that minimum fundraising commitments apply for adults. Breakaway Benefit Ride /

Want to participate in the BB ride without having to raise funds? Event volunteers can partake in the festivities without raising funds. Among other duties, CCAP is seeking locals to host three rest stops on the morning of 5/1, and also needs riders who are familiar with the trails at Winding Trails to serve as ride guides. Check out the many volunteer assignments available: Breakaway Benefit Ride / Volunteer Sign-up

Lastly, we're excited to have many new young girl and boy riders joining us for the 2021 FVYC summer road and fall cyclocross seasons, but this presents us with a good problem - we need bikes! Please reach out to me if you have good quality small road or cyclocross bikes collecting dust. We'd love to put them to use with aspiring young riders.

Thank you to the numerous EBCC members who have donated money, bikes and other equipment to our teams over the past few years. Your support is very much appreciated!

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Those who are interested in making a donation to our team fundraising can make contributions here:
CCAP / FVYC BB Ride PledgeReg