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EVERYONE RIDE / RUN AGAINST CANCER EVERYDAY (ERRACE) - Saturday July 8 - Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center, Avon

EBCC Members -

I hope you'll join my family and me for this year's ERRACE event at The Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center in Avon on Saturday July 8th. Proceeds from the ride / walk / run benefit the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center (part of the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute), and the Livestrong Foundation.

There are 100, 50 and 25 mile road rides, a 10 mile Technical MTB ride, and a 5K Run/Walk. There are well-stocked rest stops along the way. Participants get a really nice Sport Tek T-shirt, and a post-ride feast that's second to none.

Club members are urged to sign up under the Benidorm Bikes / Eastern Bloc Cycling Club banner, and also join the fundraising team by the same name. (There is no minimum fundraising commitment). If you can't make it to the event, donations are gladly accepted by all participating club members!

Registration, donations, more info

Who else is planning on doing this, and do you prefer the 50 or the 100 mile ride?

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Derek and Wyatt are doing 100 mile road, I'm probably going to do just 50 on the road. Veronica is doing 10 miles on the MTB.

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I'm in for the 100.

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> Who else is planning on doing this, and do you prefer the 50 or the 100 mile ride?

I have a family party to attend in the afternoon, but can probably do the 50

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I plan to do the 50 mile ride

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Over a dozen EBCC members registered, and people can sign up day-of the event. Hoping to see lots of shop and club jerseys out there tomorrow!