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Brodie CX, Sunday 10/27/19. Success!

Hey Folks, EBCC, Benidorm Bikes, and the Farmington Valley Youth Cycling team are hosting the Brodie cyclocross at Brodie Park in New Hartford. We need as many volunteers are we can get. Please use the link below to sign up if you are able to help.

Thanks, Pat

Brodie CX Volunteers

I'm gonna come right out and say it folks, we have the best volunteers in this club!

We had a good sized crew for the Saturday setup and great weather to do it in. Sunday, we had another awesome team of volunteers come out to brave the constant 40 deg rain and keep the races moving. This is cross, so despite the weather we had good registration numbers and each field finished successfully without much incident. A true testament to the registration folks and the course marshals in very challenging conditions. The breakdown crew was so efficient that everything was packed up and back in my driveway before dark. I spent the first hour after the race cleaning up around the start area and before I even got to the upper field sections everything was done!

The feedback has been very positive, you can check out comments on the event site on FB at Brodie Park CX hosted by EBCC/Benidorm